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A Brief History of Ostrich Leather

Vintage Cine-Kodak 16mm Movie Camera in Ostrich Leather Case, USA, Circa 1927 by France1978

Since prehistoric times, the Ostrich has been at home roving the planes of Africa. Oudtshoorn is the undisputed Big Bird capitol with a rich history starting in the mid 1850s, when ostrich feathers became a must-have fashion item.

The invention and subsequent popularity of the topless roadster motorcar, forced these same ladies, including Queen Elizabeth, to  rethink their style and the once rare and exotic ostrich feathered hats fell out of favour, causing devastating losses and finally ending the ‘Ostrich boom’.

It was only after WW2 that ostrich meat and leather started gaining popularity.   

Vintage Woman’s Ostrich Feather Bonnet by

The Highgate Showroom features a variety of hand-made Ostrich Products.

Discover our top quality range of Ostrich-related products, including eggs, leather, etchings, feather dusters, and curios.

Oudtshoorn is the mecca for all things ostrich and Highgate has been there every step of the way.

From beautiful decoupage ostrich eggs, quality ostrich leather products, fashionable clothing and the ubiquitous ostrich feather dusters, they are all hand-crafted with skill and passion by our artists who take pride in their work.

We also stock a specially selected range of fine regional wines, olives and delicious snacks.

Snow Ostrich

We will be open for the October School Holidays!

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