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Delicious Local Cuisine

The Pepper Tree RESTAURANT

Unforgettably Farm Fresh local cuisine

At Highgate we take advantage of our magnificent all-year round climate to set the tables under our ancient Peruvian Pepper Tree so the whole family dines al fresco-style while enjoying the great outdoors.

Whether it’s a cup of our special African Arabica coffee, something light for brunch or an expertly prepared no fat, low cholesterol ostrich steak for lunch, you will find a dish to please parents and children on our tapas menu.

We are also proud of our local wines and hand crafted beers which you can enjoy while the children play on our manicured lawns, clamber over the jungle gym playground & enjoy a unique donkey cart ride.

We are only closed on Christmas Day, so you have 364 days to enjoy our hospitality and fine food.

Our Menu 

A taste of things to come…

The Pepper Tree Restaurant - Menu 1
The Pepper Tree Restaurant - Menu 1

The World’s First, Finest and Most Original Ostrich Show Farm Established in 1938

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